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We have a desire to find the Tsuchinoko,
the legendary unidentified mysterious animal,
which has been told for long in Japan and that
only few have ever seen.
We have a desire to make the impossible possible.
Our desires arise from our passionate emotion.

Concerning the processing machines for meat, sea foods, etc.,
we carry out all the processes by ourselves for development,
design, manufacturing, sales and sale-after services.

We have devoted ourselves to manufacture the food processing machines entirely
for over 40 years, and thus we became one of leading companiesin the food processing machine industry in Japan.
We have been exporting our products to overseas market mainly in the U.S. and Asia, based on our original technologies, anticipating customers' needs, built up over many years.

Greetings from President

Suguru Mitani, President

We have been concentrating on the technical development to meet a diversification accompanying the change of users’needs, the marketing strategy including making inroads into foreign markets additionally and the improvement of technologies from a long-term viewpoint. We hope to contribute to the development of food processing machines with our fresh minds to challenge perfection. We, all the staff, will be more than happy to have further favors and useful advices from our customers.
The related area with the food processing industry is increasingly expanding, and the advance and the systematization are asked for food processing machines. We are working on a product development from the point of view focusing the ahead of the times under our planning filled with the sensitivity of anerve and our wealth experiences, thus we are meeting the diversifying needs in the food industry.
We would cope with advanced technologies and manufactures of? food processing machines pursuing the quality and the economical efficiency for the future in the food industry, and we would propose? food processing machines reflecting appropriate designs and technologies to create a comfortable production environment and to achieve a labor saving.