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History of Product Development

  • We developed the Plates and Knives called “Permanent PUNA” which became a big hit in Japan together with the catchphrase of “Ten times for the price, one hundred times for the durability”.
In the late 1970’s
  • The Food Former was placed on the market. This is a desktop-style forming machine having a simple mechanism that forms a fixed quantity, filling material into the drum rotating continuously. The mechanism is our original design. Many Food Formers in Japan and overseas have already adopted this mechanism.
In the 1980’s
  • The Vertical Conveyor was placed on the market. This is a vertical and spiral transportation equipment which achieved a space saving through vertical transportation and got popular.This transfer mechanism is our original design as well.
    The Mince Packer Line was placed on the market. This is the device for arranging a fixed quantity of mince automatically, which is suited to retailers' sites in Japan, of which development was achieved getting the cooperation from the people involved in a super market.
Until now from the 1990’s
  • The Bending Slicer, to which development a decade time was expended, was placed on the market. Mechanization of the difficult work by hand was achieved. In addition, rapid improvement of the cut performance and safety was gotten attention. Also, this machine accomplished our entry into the Slicer field taking the important position in the food processing machine industry, thus has became an epoch-making product for us.
    The Micro Dicer, which has a mechanism of our original “Step Cutting” giving no damage to meat quality, was placed on the market. This mechanism has been expected as a processing technology for the next generation.
From now on
  • We are ready for developing a “truly helpful” product from now on.
    We hope you will find it worth waiting for.

A prize winning record

2004/ 2
  • From Technical Research Institute,
    Micro Dicer won.
    "The first Prize for Promoting Machine Industry".
  • From Matsuyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bending Slicer was winning
    "2005 Sikoku District InventionCommendation, The Prize for Promoting Invention".
  • From Matsuyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bending Slicer was winning
    "The first Matsuyama New Product Contest “NEXT ONE”, The President Prize".
2007/ 8